Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of all kind of Scientific, Industrial, Laboratory, Educational, Engineering goods & supplies

HARSAW Welcomes You

HARSAW is one of the most reputed and established manufacturers of Scientific, Laboratory and Engineering goods in the region. The Company specializes in manufacturing, sales and supplies of a wide range of engineering, scientific, laboratory and educational products that are shipped to customers all over the world.
Our product services portfolio includes automatic petrol gas plant, furnaces, ovens, water baths, water distillation plant, and a lot more. HARSAW prides on having a longstanding squad of highly expert and experienced in-house sheet metal engineers and fabricators. On the basis of its unremitting excellence and unswerving dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, the Company has been able to carve out a niche in the global industry.

    Here’re some of the highlighting features of HARSAW:

  • Global customer outreach
  • Most-competitive prices in the industry
  • Manufacturing processes mapped with world-class industrial standards
  • Safe, secure and affordable shipping to location across the globe     more...

LPG Fitting in Laboratories
We provide highly accurate and chic fittings of LPG & Petrol gas in laboratories for schools, colleges and other organizations. Our processes are mapped with world-class installation standards and are truly efficient in terms of installation time, service period and overhead


Automatic petrol gas plants
These plants have been designed in various sizes to cater the requirements of laboratories in Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals and Testing Houses, where Gas is required for heating purposes....more...

  • What I liked the most about Haryana Scientific Sheet Metal Works was their dedication and promptness in services. They shipped the products in time and we still fall back on them in need of support. The product quality is sheer class, the prices are truly affordable.
    Mr. Shantnu Sharma
    Managing Director

    The services and products provided by Haryana Scientific are best-in-business. They offer cost-efficient services and are very warmhearted in their approach towards creating world-class engineering goods.
    Mr. Ravinder